Revolutionizing the value chain

Rheom Materials is a pioneering biomaterials company bridging the gap between sustainable material suppliers, manufacturers, and consumer goods brands.

We specialize in discovering innovative applications for sustainable materials, catalyzing the growth of new markets and making novel biomaterials accessible for customers.

By leveraging existing global infrastructure, we aim to maximize the positive impact of Rheom's materials across the fashion, automotive, and electronics industries.

A look inside our laboratory

Our collaborative process

Uniting key players for material innovation and positive impact

Rheom materials
Bio-based suppliers
Product development

Rheom Materials

Rheom Materials core technology focuses on repurposing melt extrusion for scalable and affordable material solutions.

Melt extrusion exists worldwide allowing Rheom to work with suppliers and manufacturers without having to build a new system from scratch.

Rheom & Bio-based Suppliers

Rheom sources components from trusted suppliers who can produce experimental and scaled bio-based chemicals. We enable material suppliers to utilize their existing products by innovating new ways of using them, thus opening up new market opportunities.

Rheom & Product Development

Rheom can develop custom composite materials for specific applications. We design these materials at a small scale and can customize their colors, textures, and finishes.

Our production method involves advanced melt extrusion techniques to produce continuous rolls of sheet materials.

Rheom & Manufacturers

Through work with third-party manufacturers, Rheom can utilize existing plastics manufacturing facilities to efficiently produce bio-based materials at a large scale.

By using established infrastructure, we can deliver faster to the market and produce more sustainably.

Rheom & Customers

At Rheom Materials we help consumer goods brands that are searching for sustainable alternatives find solutions. We can embark on co-development opportunities, generating unique materials together, designed to fit customer specifications.

Also, if your company already has a production partner, we can move production to vertically integrated facilities.

Future-proof materials for a range of industries

Melt extrusion core technology

Shorai bio material


Our introductory material, Shorai™, is a bio-based extruded flexible sheet, providing an ethical alternative to animal and petrochemical leathers. This sustainable solution can be produced in various colors, sizes, and textures to mimic the natural texture of both traditional and exotic leathers while reducing carbon footprint.

bio based pellets for injection molding machinery


Benree™ is a product line of fully bio-based pellets for injection molding. This versatile hard bioplastic slots into existing injection molding machines, enabling potential applications anywhere petrochemical-based plastic pellets are used today. Our formulation design and production technology enable us to tailor performancea nd aesthetics to meet a broad spectrum of end-use requirements.

woven biofibers

Woven Biofibers

Our introductory nonwoven materials are not the capacity of our future designs. We want to help brands address all their material concerns through one technology. More information on biofibers will come in fall 2024.

2024 Sustainability Goals

Building a cleAner, greener future

Step One

Initial results for SHORAI LCA

Step Two

Production process optimization

Step Three

Results for pellets LCA

Partner with us to bring your vision for new bio-based material to life.

Converting your green idea into a sustainable reality

From using the sticky proteins on a gecko’s skin to suspending colorful algae in translucent sheets, no idea is too strange or complex to bring it into the world.