Materials with flow & form

Rheom Materials is your partner in the journey towards sustainable solutions making bio-based materials accessible and practical for all.

By 2040, we envision a world where all consumer goods companies utilize sustainable, bio-based materials, fostering a cleaner, greener planet.

Partnering with visionary industry disruptors over the globe
New Climate Ventures
Overlap Holdings
Asymmetry Ventures
Glass Wall Syndicate
Indie Bio
East End Maker Hub
Greentown Labs
Nature-based, impact-led

A new platform for sustainable material alternatives

At Rheom Materials, we are pioneering the use of bio-based polymers derived from plant-based matter for new applications across the fashion, home goods, electronic, and automotive sectors. Our collaborative approach and advanced melt extrusion techniques allow us to develop new materials effectively and sustainably while transforming the entire plastics industry.

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Expertise meets collaboration

Unlocking sustainable supply chain systems

Profound expertise, unique collaboration

Our extensive network of suppliers and brand partners provides us with a diversified toolkit filled with biomaterial resources and expertise.

Sustainable materials, holistic technology

Not only do we concentrate on the input, but we also emphasize the processing, mixing, and modification of the bio-based components in our library to make them compatible with melt extrusion.

Global availability, significant scalability

The chosen formulation and conditions are sent to toll manufacturers anywhere in the world for immediate, local, and integrable production.

Redefine the standards of sustainable materials

Collaborate with Rheom Materials as a supplier, manufacturer, or brand partner. Together, we can bring bio-based innovations to the market and make a real impact on consumer goods.